Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando


Visit the Island of Madeira that offers a lot of fun activities and nature sightseeing.

Exciting and full of discovery throughout the island.


Arriving in Madeira


There are two major airports in the Madeira Islands, one which is located on the main island (Madeira Island) near the capital city of Funchal and one which is located on the other large island of the region, Porto Santo.

We flew from Nice to Lisbon 2h35 minutes flight with Easyjet

Then from Lisbon to Madeira 1h45 minutes flight always with Easyjet airlines.

The plane landing at Madeira airport is the most exciting one we have ever experienced. Nicknamed as the “world’s scariest airport” and one of the “most dangerous airports” on the planet, the Portuguese landing strip is known for bumpy landings.

You can find some actual footage on youtube channels. But of course, this not something you need to worry about and stop you from visiting this enchanting island. We did get out alive and happy and of course, we’ll visit it again.



The Madeira Islands, being islands, can also be reached easily by boat. There are four different harbors in the area. The two main ports which are used to reach the area are those in the capital city of Funchal and the main island of Porto Santo.

Ferries travel between these two large islands as well as to the smaller islands. A ferry between the two islands takes approximately 2h30.


Where to stay

When we arrived at the airport we got a taxi that was organised by Isabel, the owner of Casa da Praça, where we stayed the whole time when we were in Madeira. 

The apartment we got was overlooking the market square. In the morning, you get up with the smell of fresh baked bread since it is nearby a bakery which is very convenient for taking your breakfast in the morning and grab some delicious dessert specialties of the town.

It was a 100m2 apartment with 2 bedroom, 2 toilets with bidet and shower baths , a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and refrigerator, a laundry room, a dining room and a living room with sofa and TV. Toilet papers, soaps and hygienic necessities are provided. Cleaning services is also provided everyday.

  Free parking inside the premises.

In short, there was everything we needed to feel at home. The owner, Isabel, is very hospitable.

We paid 700 eur for 8 days of stay in the month of February 2017.



Where to eat

Basically, we haven’t been much into restaurant since we had a nice apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. So we were able to cook and buy our food in the local grocery stores and at the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers Market) to buy some local fresh vegetables and fruit. Buying meat in Madeira is very cheap and they were tasting very good.

Here are some local restaurants that we’ve been for a few times when we are around the city and nearby: 

Padaria Do Bruno: After our Careiros ride we headed our way back to our apartment by foot. It was lunchtime so we thought of stopping by this local eatery in Funchal. The food was authentic and fresh. And most of all, we ate very well and with taste. Recommended for those who are in a budget. This menu cost 6,50 eur.


Restaurante “O Forno”: Just before heading to Ponta do Pargo light house, you will come across this restaurant. The food was delicious and descent for the price.

Restaurante Sabores: You can find it just besides our apartment facing the market square. They offer a lot of local foods including fresh catch fish and typical dishes of Funchal.

And of course don’t forget to try some local icecream in Funchal ! Our favorite flavor is Maracuja (passionfruit).



Madeiras weather information: 

Click here for madeiras weather information   


In the month of February, it is more probable that you’ll get a lot of rain in Madeira. So don’t forget to take an umbrella or a raincoat in your purse and backpacks.


A map guide to Madeira’s famous landmarks.



What are you waiting for?  Go and visit Madeira!