Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando


We flew with Emirates from Milan Malpensa with stop in Dubai and then headed straight to Mactan Cebu International Airport. The flight took 15 hrs total with 3 hours stop in Dubai airport. Actually this flight is very comfortable and less cumbersome.

TIP: Buy flight tickets 6 months ahead of time so you get low rates.

Before leaving the baggage area. We stopped at the SIM card kiosk to get our reserved GLOBE and SMART free travellers sim. If you are a tourist they give this prepaid sim for free as long as you have registered online at least 2 days prior to your arrival. You just have to present your passport.

GLOBE travellers SIM 

SMART travellers SIM

TAKE NOTE : Smart travellers sim are only given to tourist within Asia. So having an Italian passport, we were not able to avail it. But it is always convenient to get a Smart prepaid sim because some areas of the Philippines has a greater coverage of Smart Network. A regular prepaid sim card cost only 60 php (1 eur).




If you are in a hurry and that taxi waiting line is too long, you can also use the GRAB application which is the UBER equivalent of the Philippines. You will be informed of the rates once you have the app.


Minimum fare rate is 7 php.


Minimum fare rate is 5 php.

Traffic INFO: Just avoid the peak time during 7-10am and 4-8 pm in which traffic is really clogged up.


There are two bus terminals that brings you to the north and south part of Cebu.

  South bus terminal

  North bus terminal



Cebu is known to have the best LECHON ( roasted pork) in the Philippines. Every fiesta and in any filipino occasion, lechon is always on the menu.


Best eaten together with lechon is puso rice or hanging rice It is a rice wrapped and boiled in a triangular casing made of woven coconut leaves. It is practically a Cebuano street food, for reasons both delicious and practical. 

puso rice, hanging rice

Street food in Liloan, Cebu

You need to try halo-halo. It is a popular Filipino dessert with a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which various ingredients are added, including boiled sweet beanscoconutsagogulaman (agar jelly), tubers, fruits, and yam ice cream. It is served in a tall bowl.


Don’t forget to sip some of these fresh buko juice(coconut) to quenched your thirst.

buko juiceAnd of course the fresh seafoods that you can get the whole year round from fish, squids to crabs.

stuffed squidStuffed squid

molmolA parrot fish commonly known as Molmol. Very good when grilled!

shrimps seafoods

Fishermen even brings you door to door fresh catch fish!

liloan cebuEven this edible local seaweed called GUSO, is very delicious. You boil it and then marinate it in coconut vinegar ,ginger, onions,tomatoes and salt.


Voila! Ready to eat!


A homemade pansit canton just look yummy!!


Our favorite fruit in the Philippines 😉 Guess what ???

The sweet Philippine mango! And April-May is the best season for mangoes in the Philippines.



Cebu city and around is a very industrial area and most of the time clogged up with traffic. You can’t go around without a mask to cover your nose ( just to be honest ) because of the pollution. Philippines is a paradise outside of the city but it has its flaws as well. As we say, we can’t have everything.


At least 5 different malls and one of them is AYALA CENTER and SM Mall which are the most famous ones. Due to the hot weather, the malls are always attended by most Filipinos, so you will always find malls at any days of the week full.

This time we haven’t explored Cebu’s long white beaches and it’s many waterfalls. That would be our next itinerary! See you soon again Cebuuuu!!!