Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando


After the festive night at San Jose, we headed towards the bus terminal bound for Tibiao.

Bus fare is 80 php/person and it takes 3 hours to arrive to Tibiao by bus.

We had booked the day before at KAWA INN for our overnight stay in Tibiao. It is a 6- bedroom tourist inn facility, located just right along the main road at Tibiao fish spa compound in Malabor, Tibiao, Antique. Just tell the bus driver to drop you off at Kawa Inn or Tibiao Fish Spa in Brgy. Malabor.

tibiao fish spa

All rooms are designed with amakan, a woven bamboo ply. You can choose rooms either equipped with fan or air condition. We stayed in a family air conditioned room 1300php/night. Internet and mobile signal are workable.



It was around 2 pm when we arrived at Kawa Inn. We dropped off our backpacks and hired a tricycle (30php) to go downtown and eat lunch. They advised us to go to Island Choice, a fast food restaurant.


Tibiao is a small town so there is not much option as to restaurants and hotels. We ordered batchoy ( frozen and just heated I guess!) and some sweet potato smoothie. What more can you expect of a fast food (lol)!

NOTE : As much as possible, prepare enough cash before coming to Tibiao.



Camote( sweet potato) smoothie

After eating, we stroll around downtown which in reality is close to the beach. So we tried to reach the seashore and captured the sceneries.


Jackfruit tree! 

As soon as we got back in our hotel, we tried the fish spa (100 php/px unlimited! ).The sensation of fish nibbling your feet is very pleasant.  The doctor fish removes the dead skin on feet. Thus, making the feet smoother.

The day was not over yet and we thought of going to Calawag mountain resort located at the highlands of Tibiao. To go there we need to take a habal habal ( 100php/px one way ). It is about 8 km from Kawa Inn. We had to order and book our dinner before going in there.

Dinner was almost ready when we arrived. The staff were very accommodating and very friendly. Dinner was served by the riverside wherein you’re feet are soaked in the water. It was one of a kind and a very relaxing feeling. Amazing, we haven’t felt any mosquito bites on the area. But we still recommend you bring some insect repellants.

In the Philippines, a boodle fight, in the context of Filipino culture, is the military practice of eating a meal.

So here is our Boodle dinner for 3 with a typical Karay-a menu. Some grilled tanigue fish, chicken adobo (cooked mainly with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic), mixed vegetables and eggplant kinilaw.


If you want a trip to nature, this is the perfect place to go! It is a nice place to relax and unwind. There is no internet connection and wifi signal is so low so it is a perfect place to bond with your friends and loved ones.

And now the most awaited moment has arrived…after dinner we headed to the KAWA hot bath ( cauldron ). Previously used at sugar mill factories, are now being used as big hot tubs perfect for the cold and chilly weather of the coastal town.The Kawa takes some time to prepare. They burn up wood to heat up the water to your desired temperature. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to prepare the kawa so remind them ahead of time. You can choose from milk, salt, coffee, beer and wine for the flavor of your soup.




The soup is ready! (LOL) We opted for the salt bath.

And to give some exciting twist on our adventure….just after we had the hot bath, it rained very hard with lightning and thunder! We took shade on one of their nipa huts but suddenly…oh oh..the lights went off and so there was no electricity!!! There was no electric generator on the premises. It was all dark and all you can hear was the flowing of the river and the sound of crickets and some insects. We stayed calm and fortunately Giobatta had his headlamp with him. The staffs were trying to solve the electricity problem and trying to connect with their head office but internet connection is very slow or let’s say it doesn’t even almost have any connection. It was a stormy night. But we were optimistic. One of their staff called a habal-habal (motorcycle) to take us back to our hotel. After half an hour, thanks goodness, a habal-habal came and the rain stopped for a moment. When we arrived almost at our hotel the rain continued again. Lucky! That night was very memorable.

Thanks to the staff of Calawag Mountain resort and Kawa Inn. These resorts are owned and managed by the same family. They were so nice and very accommodating. You shouldn’t miss this place when you are in Tibiao. We highly recommend it!

Kruhay!! (Long live) 



Philippine Adventures – Towards TIBIAO