Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando

A summer in Ven 

The Swedish summer ends early and mid-August is a rather an abstract concept to those latitudes. But on August 15, 2015, we were lucky that we could enjoy a wonderful day (regardless of the wind- the one in Scania is always there!).

The island of Ven is located between Sweden and Denmark, and although nowadays it is Sweden, for a long time it has been under the Danish crown. Legend tells that it was born from the hands of a giant who dropped a clod of earth in the middle of the Öresund strait, the channel that connects the Baltic Sea with the Northern Sea. Getting to the island from Lund is simple: take the train from Lund to Landskrona and then the ferry that takes you to Bäckviken, the port of Ven. It takes thirty minutes to cross.


For Train Timetable click here (only in swedish)

Ferry from Lanskrona to Ven click here



The island is not very big (the circumnavigation is less than 20 km), but in our opinion it has a special charm. We have taken our bikes to discover the island but it is also possible to rent one as soon as you arrive at the port. In August, among other things, the wheat is ripe, and even some paths by the sea are passing through wheat fields, really nice to ride in the middle of the golden yellow wheat fields or the intense yellow of rapeseed flowers.

First stop at the museum of Tycho Brahe, the Danish astronomer who built one of the two observatories here, the Uraniborg. Tycho made the king of Denmark believe that he could have made an infallible horoscope, and of course he financed him promptly (imagine if the king had understood that astronomy was not exactly astrology …).


Tyco Brahe museum

Wheat fields and the beautiful lighthouse behind

The lighthouse in the middle of the wheat fields

Lunch along the coast 

A typical village of the island

A trail…. a bit particular

For sale of artisan rapeseed oil, it is not olive oil but it was very good


Thank you Ven for a wonderful day.Tack så mycket, vi ses igen! Hej då!




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