Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando

Along the Francigena way 

The Francigena way can be done at any time of the year (in Sweden we have learned that…”there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes “” ) but it is certainly better to do it during the months of April to September.

There are two street signs, in white-blue the cyling path and white-red the way by foot

For the first part of the journey, Siera was not able to come. So I left from Gran San Bernardo alone; being late April, I was convinced that I would have encounter good weather – but obviously it did not go that way … Despite the Nordic proverbs just mentioned, after 6 days almost always in the rain (even hail to Fidenza – big as grapes) in the end I was frustrated and decided to return home. To avoid the muddy stretches of dirt, I often left the cycle path of the Francigena Way through busy and dangerous roads. According to the law of retaliation, however, you will be pleased to know that during the second part of this journey, has not rained at all, in fact the heat wave has been merciless. But I prefer the sun to the rain, since you can always decide to travel earlier, starting at daylight or dawn.

In the following pages we will go into detailed step by step the tracks of the bicycle  trip we did. You can download the GPX tracks here. For those who wanted to download the attached maps, be careful as mentioned – I have not always followed the cycle path to avoid the puddles, but also, we left the blue-white signs to visit some beautiful villages. If we had followed the Francigena Way cycle path, we would have missed (for example, Pienza).

In any case, the route, both on foot and by bike, is well indicated. The arrows are very well positioned, with a slight downturn when approaching Rome. Anyway, we recommend that you use a GPS and follow the tracks (in Sutri we met a girl who had walked the previous day completely in circles going towards the lake of Vico and returning practically to the starting point). Be also careful that in certain situations – as I have heard happen on the Santiago Way – sometimes the arrows are deliberately falsified to divert the pilgrims to areas where they would otherwise not pass.


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