Se il cammino è la meta del viaggio, allora meglio viaggiare pedalando

About us 

Hi, we are Giobatta & Siera Mae. We love traveling and we do it by all means. Obviously the bike is the Queen and is by far our favorite vehicle (that is how we named our site!). We will also include another section, “Other trips” besides our travels by bike, in which we will describe journeys made with less interesting means but in places however interesting due to the fact that we have lived many years in Sweden and America and moreover Siera Mae, is native to the Philippines.

And currently we now live in Provence, so then we will try to make you learn more about this magnificent region so rich in history, natural beauty, culture and breathtaking villages.

We will give you as much information as we can, not as tourists but like locals of the places we’ve been.

Happy trip and a good ride to all!




                                                                       Lanzarote, Canary Islands, in tandem